Month: March 2016

Idolatrous Atheism 偶像化的无神论

多次看到有人转发一篇 “北大最短毕业致辞”。这是一篇被人推崇至极的演讲,但我读后却有些另外的感觉。


不知为何,这些想法出来的时候都是英文的,可能是我直觉里感到中文很难表达得清楚的缘故吧, 我只能忠实源头,并盼望另找时间翻译成中文。

Proud self-centered humanism boosted by cleverness and eloquence. There is something great about the speech. But there’s also something profoundly sad about it.

535 words, more than 28 times “self” appeared, given to the idea of “self-respect”.

That, in itself, is not necessarily bad, because after all, “self-respect” is an important aspect of human values.

What is sad is that “self-respect” is merely and nakedly supported by “self” itself and nothing else, to an extent to take pride in proclaiming life as a mere physical and biological process obeying the second law in thermodynamics.

“在你所含全部原子再度按热力学第二定律回归自然之前…” (Translation: “Before all atoms contained in you return to the nature according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics…”)


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