Month: March 2015


J. N. Darby 弟兄说: 爱是 “对善的喜乐(joy in good)”,正是靠着这个喜乐,使得我们从“倾向于认定恶(readiness to suppose evil)” 的光景里被释放出来。

在看事情和人时,我们倾向于“认定恶”。 比如,我们会先入地定论别人是错的,至少不如自己正确。这[……]

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In remembrance of our dear elderly brother‏

What is faith?  I have studied about it and thought I had an adequate understanding. I have experienced it and thought I have been granted a fairly assured footing.  And I have been even tested for it and felt I have not totally failed.

Last night, however, in my searchingly prayerful moments, I received a special gift that made me richer.

It was a gift of faith.

It’s a precious jewel.  It’s the kind of a jewel that is worth more than what I have ever saved in my own spiritual “piggy bank”.  But someone else has saved enough to purchase it, and gave it to me as a gift.[……]

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