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在中国,除了外面空气中的雾霾,还有一个“微雾霾”,就是你身旁的人口中所吞吐的烟。香烟是西方人发明的,但当今在中国如此畅行,不只是一个“小声” 的个人选择,而是一个 “大声” 的社交模式,引人深思。

吸烟对人体的害处,已经是基本常识,无需再当作新鲜事来讨论一次。这里想说的,乃是 “吸烟是人格问题”。



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A letter to a college student

To a girl who wants the best, and hates her life for having to settle with something not as good:

… although I don’t share the specific experience you have now, I know how it feels like when you are distressed by certain disappointment, disadvantage, detriment, or a prejudice, and worse yet, you can’t pinpoint what that is, let alone fight against it, you’re just unhappy with dissatisfaction.

In terms of people’s birth, family background, cultural background, upbringing, and natural gifts, the world has never been equal.  And the appearance of inequality stirs up all kinds of evil.  Jealousy, hatred (of others, of self and of God), and even murder.  All that started from Cain and Abel, the first two children of Adam and Eve.[……]

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China’s future

Friends debate over the future of China.  Commentators and bloggers instigate some fierce arguments between those who criticize the country (including its government, society, culture and people) and those who zealously attack the criticisms.   Though I have no intention to join the debate,  I desire to share a little bit of my personal observations.

In today’s China, negatively criticizing everything has become a national hobby, which is not making anyone happier.

But on the other hand,  the increasing number of Chinese who take a prideful position and passionately argue against all criticisms, denying the country’s major problems, indicates an condition that is just as sad, if not worse.[……]

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