America began with a covenant

“This November, 2020, marks the 400th anniversary of the signing of that covenant. The Mayflower Compact was a voluntary and binding covenant, recognizing the principle of self-government under God, with far-reaching economic, religious, and legal implications for all of society. What began in 1620 in Provincetown harbor would establish the American precedent of free men covenanting to maintain a “civil body politic” of self-government under God . It would culminate in the halls of Philadelphia in the 1780s with the formulation of the United States Constitution.”  (

“Self-government under God”, not “government by God”

It is important to remember it is “self-government under God”.  It is not “government by God”, which would be theocracy.

One day, the earth will be ruled by Christ, a true theocracy in every good sense without any corruption, abuse and negativity. But before Christ returns, God does not want a theocracy on earth.  This is because we live in an “age of grace” in which a person’s faith in God must be based on free will, or God will not respect it nor accept it.

God gave pilgrims true spiritual wisdom to recognize this.  It is this principle that led to the U.S. Constitution, because the founding fathers wanted “self-government under God”, and as a result, America became a nation with a unique kind of government which had never existed on earth and human history before.  America was God’s gift in form of social order to the mankind.

Almost all of founding fathers of the U.S. were Christians, but they made sure that the faith in God was to be coming from a person’s free will, not forced by the government they were starting.   They understood that there was a possibility, even a high risk, that self-governing people may turn away from God. They were not ignorant in this regard.  But should people choose to do that, it would be the fate they have chosen for themselves, and only God will judge.

When people willingly throw away the blessing of the only true God who is gracious and loving, and give themselves in to a lie, no one can forcefully stop them.  Nor will God, until the age of grace ends.

Nor “self-government” without God

At the same time, it is important to note that the spirit of Mayflower Compact and the subsequent U.S. Constitution is “self-government under God”, not just “self-government” (without God).  It is in misunderstanding of this important point that many Americans are mistaken.  Today, many Americans want “self-government without God”.   But self-government without God is not only a fantasy but also a lie, and has never been established in human history, nor will it ever be (according to the Bible).  Whenever people want pure self-government, they always end up being ruled by others (in reality ruled by Satan, the enemy of God).  This is the nature and consequence of Sin, a tragic fate that children of Adam cannot escape with their own effort.

The U.S. Constitution is to prevent government from entering into faith, not to prevent faith from entering into government. This is a tragically misunderstood principle and history, to an extent that today more and more Christians feel embarrassed by publicly proclaiming faith, especially when it is related to government.

More and more Americans no longer understand how unique and how blessed America has been.  They want freedom without truth, a peaceful society without telling right and wrong, and a righteous government without God.  They will soon learn about the true nature of what they want.

The corruption of Sin is as real and inescapable as gravity.

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