Sober up

A family-message to children.

I am more and more awakened to this realization:

America, even the entire free world, is facing an existential challenge. Do not shrug this off. If I were allowed to speak to young people I would say the following:

Sober up.
Switch off the drug addiction (dopamine, and other drugs).
Switch off the addiction to passive activities (games, and spectator sports).
Switch off Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.
Switch off pointless activities in fantasy worlds.

Get your life in order.
Develop your skills.
Develop your intellect.
Exercise, and become healthy.

All the simple things – the very things that your invisible enemy does not want you to do.

Refuse to join the crowd. The crowd has seldom been right, and never been on such fundamental matters.

And turn to God, who is the Shelter and Protector of the righteous.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to desire of a “good society” but fail to understand an individual’s fundamental responsibility is to become a “good person”, which by definition is not someone who merely desires of good things, but is “constitutionally good,” meaning that you are good and healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Be responsible and faithful on little things that are your responsibility today. That’s a necessary element in the true meaning of one’s life.

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