Listening to recorded messages

Through the years, I have developed a habit of walking outside and listening to recorded messages.

A great number of audio messages are now available online.  But because one’s time is limited, we should be very careful in selecting what to listen to.

One notable message resource is Christian Tape Ministry maintained by brothers  in Richmond, Virginia.  They made available a large collection of precious messages, including that of West Coast Christian Conference (WCCC) and Christian Family Conference, in both MP3 and Real Audio.  Praise the Lord for their excellent ministry.

I seldom recommend a particular resource to people, and I am not doing this here just for the sake of its mere existence, or even its excellent convenience provided by the above website.  Some messages that are made available on the Christian Tape Ministry website, such as those spoken by brothers T. Austin-Sparks, Steven Kaung and Lance Lambert, will truly open your spiritual eyes as they touch the very heart of God’s eternal purpose in Christ, His church, and the believer.

Please forgive me for making such a statement, but I have to say this because I sincerely believe it to be true: At our present time, there are numerous public resources for Christian teaching, many from excellent teachers, but few from God’s servants who truly know the heart of the Lord, understand our times, and have been mightily used by the Lord to reveal to God’s children His eternal purpose and the complete salvation beyond the status of being merely saved as a believer and the mere organizational existence of the church.

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