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The purpose of MaySee website

MaySee is primarily a cloud-based personal notebook to facilitate the site owner’s writing and note-taking.  I find the cloud-based content management functions such as anywhere-access, classification, archiving and search helpful.

MaySee is not primarily a public blog site. Because the site takes a somewhat blog-like open format, it may serve to share and fellowship with readers, but only to a limited degree.  The site is primarily a cloud-based personal notebook.

MaySee is not a social networking site to gain social benefits such as personal appreciation and recognition. I have no social networking account and I have no plan to open one to link with

MaySee is not for any commercial purposes. It is not in the interest of this website to optimize its publicity for any personal gains.

MaySee is not for advocating any personal opinions.  Other than the topics under the category “Society”, everything is based on honest understanding of the Word of God.  I firmly believe that one can only study the Bible in order to be taught and instructed by God.  I strive to avoid being motivated to study the Word of God for the purpose of finding support to my own personal views.   I bring myself in submission to the Lord and prostrate myself at His feet.  If my personal view conflicts with the Word of God, I consciously choose to surrender my own view in recognition of both the absolute authority of the Word of God and my own proneness to fallacy.

MaySee is not for publishing academic writings and theological theses.  I dare not share what I did not learn from the Lord.  The Word of God is for the living not for the dead. I strive to remember that only the Lord Himself is the source of life and light, and nothing outside of Jesus Christ has life.

About the reader comments

Readers have sent in friendly comments with encouragement, but I chose not to post all of them. If your comment was not posted, it is not because the comment was not appreciated, but because the comment was directed to me or the website, instead of to the substance of the topic.

In general, this site follows these rules regarding reader comments:

(1) Substantive comments that add an insight to the topic itself may be posted;

(2) Personal comments are appreciated, but are not posted unless adding a substantive material to the topic;

(3) Requests for content linking for the purpose of Christian sharing may be considered but not sought for;

(4) Requests for any commercial purposes are not welcome.


If you wish to receive a feedback to your comment, please feel free to send an e-mail message to [admin[at]] (replace [at] with @).  As an anti-spam measure, the e-mail address is not typed out completely here, but it should be obvious to you.

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